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How the Bible Says Men Should Treat Women

on March 10, 2013

Over the past several years I have witnessed the continuous abuse of women by men in all
aspects of their relationships with each other. I have seen and heard men ridicule, debase, threaten, and abuse the women in their lives with their voices and actions.
This is not how a relationship is supposed to be. Men are supposed to love and cherish their
female partners and friends. What better examples can I give than those taken from the Bible, so let us start at the beginning and work our way through the Bible looking at how the Bible says we, as men,should treat women.
First we will look in the book of Genesis, the first book of the bible, and see the examples
shown to us by Adam and his descendants. In Chapter 1 of Genesis we see that God created
everything, the heavens, earth, oceans, plants, animals, and finally man. This creation was orderly and stepped so everything was created in the order it would be needed to sustain life. In verse 27 of
Chapter 1 we see the creation of man as the final act of creation, after everything was ready for man.
In Chapter 2 we see a more detailed account of man’s creation and a time line is started that we
need to be aware of. We see in verse 7 that God created man from dust, and breathed life into him. In verse 8 we see God creating Eden and placing man there and giving him specific instructions in verses16 and 17, telling him not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Everything else in the garden he could eat, but not this one tree.

In verse 18 God starts considering making a help meet for the man.  Verses 21 and 22 tell how God created woman by taking a rib from the man and after creating her brought her to Adam. God did not give her to Adam, he introduced her to him, or in todays vernacular God hooked Adam up with Eve. Check verse 22 to see if I am right. She was not created as property for the man to own but to be a partner, help meet or helper for the man.
Take some extra time here to read these two verses, Chapter 2: 21, 22, very closely. Notice
how God took a rib from Adam’s side, not a piece of his foot to be below him, or a piece of skull to be over him, but a rib, so she could stand by his side and strengthen him and be forever close to his heart   This is really a beautiful description of how each partner is uniquely different and yet equal in their relationship. All of this makes a very beautiful and descriptive story of the creation of each gender, male and female.

You want to know something even more amazing, this relationship of one man and one woman is still the most fulfilling relationship that any human can possibly have even today. It is the only relationship that can produce children which you can love and raise and care for as you were cared for by your parents. This is one of the biggest losses I see today, men having children with whoever they want and then not taking responsibility for that child and caring for it and being a father to it, Men, know this, you are missing one of the biggest blessings you will ever know in this life if you desert your children and only see them on occasion, and support them rarely or never. You the father are the real loser in this situation, the child will find another father role model and you will grow old feeling empty and alone for a little gratification now. This is such a tragedy and shame that can be prevented simply by being a real man and taking the responsibility you should for your children.

Now let’s go to chapter 3 of Genesis, gentlemen get ready for your first look at man’s failure to love his partner. In the first 5 verses of Chapter 3 the serpent tempts Eve with the tree that she should not eat from. I have one question for you,”WHERE WAS ADAM!” and why didn’t he stop this. He was there, if you don’t believe me just read verse 6, it say,” 6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her;
and he did eat. “ So if Adam was
indeed there, which scripture says he was, why didn’t he step in and save this partner of his.

The reason is very simple really, he wanted to see what would happen, and when she did not die he could not wait to try the fruit himself. So in truth Adam threw Eve under the bus to
satisfy his own desire to try the forbidden fruit. He was supposed to stand up and defend her
from the serpent and he did not do it. He just stood by while his partner was being confused
and tested and offered no support or help when she needed him. He was put there to care for
everything in the garden and he didn’t care for his own partner or wife or help meet, he let Eve
down when she needed him. Now today how many of us virile, strong, chest thumping and
shouting men let our women down when they give in to our desires or lusts, and as a result get
hurt, pregnant, or shamed by it and we just stand by and let it happen, doing nothing to stop it
or to ease her suffering from it.

All my life I have heard how Eve committed the first sin, but if you read scripture correctly Eve was not around when God told Adam about the tree. I am sure Adam told Eve but that is not the same as standing up with her when someone challenged what he told her.  When the serpent tempted her Adam was guilty of just standing by and letting it happen, he left her alone when she needed him most. How many times today do men do the same thing. They tell the woman they are with how much they care, love, or even like her and if she loved, liked or cared for them the same, then she would do this or that for them. Ladies that is a lie , if his love or feelings were true for you he would never try to put you in a position where it was either do what he wants or else you don’t care for him. Love does not demand that kind of choice, only carnal lust does, and just like Eve you will be left all alone when trouble comes, that man will run or leave or just stand by while you face your problems alone. That is disgusting for a man to act that way and then say he believes in God, Jesus or any
other deity.

Adam failed Eve by not protecting her, and I wonder how many times women today can
say that their man let them down. A lot I guess, but don’t be too hard on them because they
are just descendants from Adam and have the same failings. That is why God called the
woman a help meet for the man. She is supposed provide companionship, comfort and love
for the man. A woman should demand a man’s respect by not allowing him to use her or her
body to satisfy his lusts on a whim, but make him earn her trust and love. When she knows
that she can trust him then they can share a life and sex with each other as partners in life and
not as master and subject.
Men, you should respect, care for and encourage the women in your life. This includes
all of them, mothers, sisters, cousins, friends and dates. You should never seek to abase or
demean them to get them to give in to your lusts and desires. I know as a man that we have a
natural hormonal drive for mating, but we can control it, and that control is what sets us apart
from the animals. We are the only creature to have sex for enjoyment as well as procreation.
Every other animal does not. So don’t sell yourselves short in life, sex without love and
respect is only a temporary solution to your desires. Sex with someone you truly love and
respect, in a marital scenario, is by far superior to anything you will ever find on the street, in
a bar, or by accident.
Now ladies, if a man acts like he is God’s gift to women please remind him that he was
created first and you were created as a gift and helper for him so he should treat you like you
are a genuine gift from God in his life because that is exactly what you are. Also, if he starts
telling you how Eve committed the first sin ask him where Adam was and then show him that
Adam was right there with her and did not come to her aid like he was supposed to. Just read
the scriptures I have pointed out to you in this lesson and show him that both Adam and Eve
shared the guilt and the consequences of disobeying God.


5 responses to “How the Bible Says Men Should Treat Women

  1. Monica says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have ALWAYS said that it was Adam’s DUTY to protect Eve, just as it was Eve’s DUTY to obey her husband. He knew not to eat from the tree; she did not. Adam wanted to stick around and relax while Eve went to work; she couldn’t recognize Satan as the snake. And God specifically told Adam not to leave Eve alone. As for her feeling guilt when she DID eat from the tree? Bull! Her first thought was to share the feeling with Adam so she wouldn’t be BETTER than him because she wasn’t supposed to be. So women for all time are cursed when it should have been Adam. You should also discuss Mary Magdalen as an Apostle. Men refused to write her in the Bible as one because it gave women power; instead they branded her a whore. In reality, she financed Jesus’ church. To whom did he appear before He had even arisen? Mary Magdalen. Oh, and she was a redhead, so redheads are supposedly from the devil as well.

  2. Elena Compton says:

    This is beautiful! I haven’t heard it in that perspective before. It is a good reminder not accept anything less (as I did in the past). Thank you for sharing the truth! God bless.

  3. Marcus says:

    I think someone needs to go back and study the Bible again. I understand what you are trying to say but you twisted the Bible a little to suit your arguments and that is dangerous. Eve did commit the first act of sin. She knew not to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. She was told by Adam. However, what you failed to see is that Adam and Eve didn’t have wisdom until after they both ate the fruit. So how could Adam know to keep Eve from eating the fruit? He had never seen a talking snake before. Did God warn Adam that Eve would be tempted by a snake?

    The Bible also warns of false prophets and false teachers. These people will twist God’s Word to suit their own needs and not God’s needs. I suggest you get a study guide Bible that is more Word for Word rather than one that has any Though for Thought. The ESV Bible is a good Word for Word Bible to read and study from. The NIV Bible has a mixture of Word for Word and Thought for Thought. I stay away from such versions with Thought for Thought versions of the Bible because God’s Word has been compromised.

    With that being said, I don’t think a man should abuse a woman and vice versa. A marriage between a man and a woman is to be a beautiful thing.

    • mdware says:

      I use a bible study program called e-sword that maybe you should check out if you like studying word for word bibles. It has several literal interpretations as well as the old translations, plus study guides, commentaries and many other fine tools for a bible study. I did not twist anything around to fit y beliefs, I just interpreted what I read as I understood it. This will tie in to the new testament revelation that Jesus was born of a virgin, thus no an man was involved. I appreciate your opinion on what I wrote, but remember it was written to show how an has failed to appreciate the very first gift God gave hi.

  4. Mary Town says:

    If everyone read this, men and women alike, and truly thought it out, wouldn’t it be awesome to see men respectful and women joyous that they weren’t being abused? What a beautiful thing it would be. 💜

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